Monday, October 25, 2010

A Well-Balanced Life

For some time now, I have been undernourished. It has been a crazy five months. The first thing to go, always, is self-care. And suddenly, kaboom, I'm not getting my minimum daily requirements for a well-balanced life. It's beginning to show.

This begs the question: What nourishes me?

Love. Every day. Huge doses, given and received.

To be cherished. Every day. By the person you cherish in return. Provided there is one.

Friendship. Good ones. Solid ones. You are always and only who you are with them.

Community. Strong, surrounding you in love and safety, joy and fun.

Vocation. One that fulfills you and makes a positive mark on the world.

Avocation. Doing something for the pure passion and joy it stirs in your heart. For me, music.

Sleep. Rejuvenating, blissful, warm, snuggled up behind that person you cherish. Six to eight hours... which I will now put into practice.

Sweet dreamzzzzzzzzzzz...

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